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Our team is built of competent people for their job, who have experience behind yourself and always want to learn more.

Danijel Jovanovic

Danijel Jovanović

Daniel is the creator of Aggressive Click. He is also a web developer. He has the necessary knowledge and experience to create the best websites. You can see some of his work on the site, but his work is more based on freelancer sites like UpWork where he still works.

Bojan Dolić

Bojan Dolic is a programmer who deals with making the application, most often Android. In addition to the works on freelance sites, he has a number of awards related to the Balkan app competition. Four times he has won first place in the country for the best Android application.

Bojan Dolic
Dejan Janjić

Dejan Janić

Dejan is a graphic designer. As with the previous two, his work is based on freelance. He has two years of experience and work in programs such as photoshop and illustrator. He is ready to make the best and most popular brand for you.

Aleksandar Damjanović

Aleksandar Damjanovic is our software developer. He specializes in making APIs, web and desktop applications. He has many works behind him that he has worked for state institutions like a power plant, railway and more.Uses the most modern techniques and the most popular programming languages.


Vuk Vukojević

Vuk is another web developer. He has 2 years of experience working in the best program languages like HTML CSS and Java Script. He has worked for many clients and many well-known companies in BiH and Serbia. He is also a musician, so he finds his inspiration for work right there.

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